A list of projects I have been working on or built

iHeart Mobile App

This is a cross mobile application that displays 3D models of various congenital heart diseases for pediatric patients and allows for patient profile creation and different patient and doctor dashboards


US Employment & Wage Statistic Data Visualization and Paper

Developed Python code to clean United States Employment and Wage Statistic Data from the past twenty years. Created an interactive Data Visualization Dashboard to highlight key findings. Wrote a paper addressing the Automation of Telephone Operators with Interactive Voice Systems (IVR)


3D Space Game

This is a space exploration themed game I designed with Spline 3D design software by creating multiple scenes and integrating it into a React app.


DIY Giant LED Panel

This project is a giant led wall that I constructed out of WS8212B LEDS, ping pong balls the Desmos D1 Mini Wifi controller (esp8266). I have successfully created one panel and am working on creating three more to have a display 7ft long. Currerntly creating open source LED matrix control software.


Neural Style Transfer Flask App

It is a Flask application that uses a deep neural network to apply artistic styles to images. Users can upload their own image, select a content image and a style image, and generate stunning outputs that blend the content and style seamlessly.


Open Flights Data Analysis

I used the OpenFlights dataset to create a graph of connected airports and routes. By cleaning the data and implementing an adjacency list representation of a weighted graph, my team achieved optimal runtimes. This project offers various command line commands for finding the shortest path between airports, identifying the busiest airports, and determining the number of connected airports in a component.