Where am I and what am I doing?

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Location: Chicago, IL
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Reading: Burn Rate: Launching a Startup & Losing My Mind by Andy Dunn
Age: 21 years, 5 months, and 5 days old
Date: 05/30/2024
Time: 3:08:14 PM
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Currently, I am a Software Engineer Intern at Country Financial.

I am currently working on Microsoft Azure Cloud Development.

I've been on a quest to keep up with the ever-changing modern world by diving into learning and researching new technologies. Lately, I've been getting my hands dirty with cool tools like MidJourney, playing around with LLMs like Chat GPT, exploring the creative possibilities of 3D design software like Spline, and even tinkering with various other AI tools. It's been a blast incorporating these tech wonders into my daily workflow and seeing how they amp up my productivity and push the boundaries of what I can do.

I'm always eager to expand my knowledge and keep up with the latest trends. Right now, I'm diving deep into Figma to 3D Webpage Tutorial.


I've been gradually building up my online portfolio and blog to have a place to share the insights of my life online. Almost like a virtual journal. This article is a great reason to start your own blog.

For more examples of folks with /now pages, check out nownownow.com.