Ritul K. Soni

Software Engineer
Country Financial

I am a Chicago Based Software Developer currently studying Computer Science & Economics at The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Driven by a profound passion for software development in the realm of quantitative finance, I am eager to leverage my educational background in Economics and Computer Science to excel in this field. Additionally, my interests extend to the domains of AI, machine learning, and data visualization, fueling my enthusiasm to explore and contribute to these cutting-edge areas. Currently, Interning as a Software Engineer @ Country Financial

This is what I am doing right now

I am a continous learner and am always researching new technologies. I am currently learning NextJS and D3.JS. I am actively on the hunt for SWE / Quant internships anywhere in the United States.

I am highly supportive of startups and actively participate in open source projects as well. I am eager to collaborate with fresh ideas and individuals. If you have any topics you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me via Mail

Here you can see what I use on daily basis


Software Engineer Intern  @  Country Financial
August 2023 - Present
Migrated applications to Azure Web Apps using PHP & JavaScript, enhancing the EA and Cloud Platforms team’s expertise in cloud deployment, monitoring, and logging
Refactored and migrated actuarial research code from SAS to Python documented and transition process
Currently enhancing my skills in cloud infrastructure with a focus on Microsoft Azure, and honing expertise in CI/CD processes utilizing GitLab and pipelines.
Head of Research & Development  @  Career Advancement Exchange
February 2022 - May 2022
Led market research initiatives, leveraging data analytics and AI techniques to identify key trends, user preferences.and market opportunities resulting in a remarkable 70% increase in user engagement and platform adoption rates.
Collaborated with the development team to integrate AI-driven algorithms into our platform, automating resume screening and candidate matching processes, reducing manual effort by 40% and improving efficiency.
Work closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing and infrastructure, to align research findings with overall business objectives and future technology solutions
Full Stack Mobile App Developer  @  Carle College of Medicine
January 2023 - May 2023
Designed and developed an interactive, user-friendly interface that enables patients to access animations,descriptions of heart defects, and visualizations of their heart anatomy, physiology, and conditions.
Implemented a customized, three-dimensional digital viewer for the heart models in the app, and built the backend to store all 3D models of hearts with diseases, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of patient data.
This app enables physicians to better communicate cardiac abnormalities, discuss surgical management and options, and helps patients better understand their condition, making more informed decisions about their own care.
January 2022 - Present
Project Manager for both CS124 Honors and CS222 at UIUC
Managed multiple teams of 5-6 people in developing advanced full stack applications, ensuring timely completion of project timelines and deliverables by implementing agile software development methodologies such as CD/CI, utilizing scrum boards,and Git version control.
Exemplified exceptional communication skills, fostering seamless collaboration among team members and ensuring effective project management. Successfully orchestrated the coordination of diverse teams, reinforcing my comprehensive grasp of agile practices while actively mentoring and guiding team members towards achieving project goals.